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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Three's A Charm

It becomes awkward after a time to keep marching out here to tout my columns as they appear in a variety of publications. Today marks a third consecutive day with a published essay, the writerly equivalent of of a "dynasty".

The good news is that I write in different tones and modes, so you never know for sure what you will get on a particular day. Today's piece, in Jewish World Review, covers the flinging of flan at conservative speakers - well, pies anyway. A topic like this calls for lots of humor, so I try to rise to the occasion with at least one joke in every line.

Some are subtle, though. As a sample, when I say that David Horowitz "cussed hard" about the pie that struck him, I am making a pun on custard pie.

Okay. Go. Enjoy.

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