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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Watch Out For The Thai That Binds

There are a lot of reports over the radio of orphaned children being pushed into the Thailand sex trade in the aftermath of the tsunami, although I am not finding corroboration for this in the print media. One hopes that this is not the case, although misery often finds a way to attach itself to misery - a sort of twist on "misery loves company". It is frightening to contemplate that people could be so unscrupulously predatory at such a time, but the human soul is capable of great heights and, sadly, corresponding depths.

This is not a moment to make a joke but a sort of grim play on words suggests itself: too many crooks despoil to the brothel. Let's do what we can to save the children's dignity along with their lives.

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Anonymous said...

To Mr. Homnick,

Une arriere pensee which I feel obliged to state regarding your apocalyptic game of scrabble:
Despite my utter confidence in the veracity and accuracy of the remarks i made in my previous letter, the fragility of the human male ego at play; doubtless there is a Rashomonesque quality to all of this. You most certainly convinced yourself that you wre doing "the right thing", the god and moral thing in response to that pesky and audacious female, me. Your belief in your own morality was never shaken for a noce...sadly, that made it consideribly worse, Mr Jay Homnick, for your obstinacy in insisting that I had made some sort of strategic play, a "gamble" as you persisted in calling it, was tantamount to the very worst kind of insulting behaviour. You could not even admit to yourself, that some mere female had tendered to you a magnanimous and friendly gesture in so doing, you prefered to insisist, that I had gambled and lost, a ludicrous assertion since as you know, I had won easilly wre I merely to make a "safe play".

So, your questioin is "Where (or how) do I get my friend back". the response is at the same time straightforward and explicit, no nuances here. UNderstand that you acted in a very high-handed manner. I do not expect yopu to alter the belief system drawn from your cumulative life experience, but merely to grasp that your reactior was ungrateful, insulting and disgustingly patronizing. I understand that you believe otherwise, "that silly female is protesting the nobility of my acts". Fine, that is not a discreditable belief bbut it leaves me uniquely alone with the question: "WHRE DO I GET MY FRIEND BACK?" You didn't "lose" a friend, you jettisoned her. I t is I who have suffered the loss.