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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Those Hip God-Fearing Kids of Today

National Review Online interviews Naomi Schaefer Riley on her new book God in the Quad. It looks like another very interesting act of pop sociology similar to The New Faithful by Colleen Carroll from a few years back. The message is the same. Generation "M" for missionary is on the rise. I wonder whether we're going to see the same kind of youth movement that erupted when John Mott called for "the evangelization of the world in a single generation" back in the early part of the 20th century?


Tlaloc said...

Seems unlikely. Statistical data indicates the incidence of religious affiliation in general and Christianity in specific to be on the decline. For instance:


Hunter Baker said...

You've been reading the wrong books, Tlaloc. Christianity is strongly on the rise. Read Philip Jenkins and Alister McGrath on the point. The secularization thesis has been prominent for several decades, but Rodney Stark has absolutely made mincemeat of it in his work, which is why he has become the most prominent sociologist of religion in the nation. Formerly of the University of Washington, he now lends his weight to Baylor in a gesture of semi-retirement from a magnificent career.

Tlaloc said...

I looked over the City University of New York's methods for the report I listed above and didn't find any obvious flaws. It has a large enough statistical sampling size and doesn't seem to play favorites with where it gets them from.

But feel free to provide some data to back up your assertion that the opposite of what they show is happening is in fact the truth.