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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

See No Evel, Hear No Evel

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has decided in favor ESPN Magazine, who was being sued by Evel Knievel. They had captioned a picture showing Mr. Knievel with two women by noting that he looked like a "pimp". He sued but the court said they were not libel. Or liable. This because they deemed the word "pimp" in contemporary parlance to have become a compliment. That's what happens when you give laches to leches.

Mr. Knievel, of course, is a famous stuntman noted for jumping two or more Harleys at a time laid horizontally across his path.

In a related story, a kangaroo has been caught wandering around Iowa. No one is sure how it might have traveled there from Australia; perhaps by diplomatic pouch.

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