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Monday, December 20, 2004

Christmas in Mississippi So Far . . .

I'm visiting my in-laws and have brought their daughter and golden grandchild with me. They live in Hattiesburg, which is a university town. School is out and every retail outlet is incredibly crowded. Looks to me like the retail sector is in full, full swing. I once heard an armchair economist say he could tell you how well the economy was doing by counting trucks on I-35. I suspect we could do something similar with mall traffic and parking.

In the meantime, my search for Thomas the Tank Engine related accessories like blankets, t-shirts, and pajamas has been a complete failure after a lengthy search. Doesn't anyone out there want to get even richer? I've got a two year old with needs!!!

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Greg said...

Funny post. You know, I've read some of your Amazon book reviews. You've written quite a few! (But not as many as Newt Gingrich... I think he made some special list for that.)

Anyway, keep up the good work on this blog. It's been fun seeing the latest back and forth between you and S.T. on DUI laws. I always enjoy a debate that focuses on policies without getting personal, and you guys manage that just fine.

Good luck finding Thomas the Tank Engine accessories! =)