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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Jay Homnick is a Rock Star . . .

Is it unseemly for a contributor to an online publication to hype a writer who contributes to the same mag? If so, I'm an uncouth fellow. Jay Homnick's work has really emerged over the past few months. He and Colby Cosh have raised the game at the Spectator to the point where there are often days where it's the best read on the web. Homnick's latest piece looks at the Bizarro world where "a man can submit a tax return which shows that he and his wife employed an array of loopholes to pay a 12 percent tax rate on a grossly understated income of $5 million, run for President against a man who paid a 27 percent rate, and say that he will stop pandering to the wealthy and see that they pay their fair share."

There's much more buttery goodness inside. Check it out.

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